Doing Your Best in 17.2
Open workout 17.2 has been released! So how can we best prepare? First and foremost, your #1 concern should be to go to website and get all the info on the proper movements and STANDARDS for this workout. As seen on the Open announcement Thursday night, 17.2 consists of the following:

12 Minute AMRAP (As Many Reps As Possible)

2 Rounds:
50ft Front-Rack DB Lunge (50/35)
16 TTB
8 DB Power Cleans (50/35)

2 Rounds:
50ft Front-Rack DB Lunge (50/35)
16 Bar Muscle-ups
8 DB Power Cleans (50/35)

If you finish these rounds, start from the beginning of the workout until the 12 minutes are complete.

This is a very grip-intensive workout. While the lunges alone are nothing to be scoffed at here, they are not necessarily a technical movement, nor are they incredibly heavy, so most of us should be able to lumber through this part of the WOD without too much difficulty. It is when we get to the bar, however, that we will most likely sink or swim. If Toes 2 Bar are a moderately technical movement, then Bar Muscle ups are even a step higher in regards to skill level. In short, it’s all going to come down to how well you can perform Bar Muscle Ups! And remember, these are not coming at you fresh--you will be expected to perform 32 Bar Muscle Ups AFTER already hanging on the bar for 32 T2B, not to mention all that pulling that comes with the dumbbell cleans. 
But before we strategize a bit about the workout, let’s begin with the proper nutrition before going in to a workout like this. Here is what Bryan Boorstein, Health and Fitness Consultant, coach and co-creator of has to say about pre-17.2 nutrition: "Your nutrition must be dialed in for this type of workout. The Central Nervous System (CNS) demand is high and Carbohydrates must be flowing through your body. This is not an ideal workout to perform fasted, because the intensity is too high, and the movements too technical. It is a relatively aerobic workout until the Bar Muscle-ups, at which point we will fall into an anaerobic zone, and remain there for the rest of the workout. From that point on, you will be fueled by immediately available carbohydrates. It would be best to perform this workout in early afternoon or evening with a meal already under your belt. You should also consume a pre-workout drink 30-60 minutes before. This drink should consist of ½ your bodyweight in carb grams and ¼ of your bodyweight in protein grams, with minimal fat (fat will slow down the absorption of the carbohydrates into the blood stream). Some BCAA’s and some caffeine will help, as well."
Now, how do we prepare for this particular sequence of movements? First, take care of your hands, both now and after the workout in case of a redo. Shave those callouses and don’t do any pre-WOD warming up that taxes your grip. Also, you might want to think about keeping a towel handy during the workout to keep your sweaty hands at bay. You also might want to consider gymnastic grips (or any type of grips) during the workout. We like these:
Next, begin with a light warm-up and to get the blood flowing. Easy rowing, some light Assault Bike and/or running is a good start. Then (s)mash out the pecs, lats, and t-spine to optimize mobility. Consider warming up with some body-weight lunges, pull-ups and some sort of jumping movement like broad jumps or low box jumps. (See your coach for specific warm-up techniques.)  
During the WOD, we think it is best to be doing smaller, consistent sets. Break up T2B into smaller sets right off the bat. Rest before your last clean into dumb lunges. And definitely don't max out your bar muscle ups!
With the lunges, you might want to think about dropping the dumbbells at each 25-foot turn around. This will save both your grip and your lungs, and keep you fresh(er) for when you get to the gymnastics part of the WOD. Also, “map out” your lunge steps prior to the workout. If you can take larger steps on the lunge, you will be able to complete the 25-foot course with fewer steps. Even one step per 25-foot zone, could mean 10 less reps during the course of the workout.
Finally, keep your grip as relaxed as possible throughout the entire workout. Tired or torn hands will make your life that much more miserable during a workout like this. And PACE YOURSELF. This workout, like most Open workouts, is all about pacing. You can be the best gymnast in the word but if your too fatigued by the time you get to the Bar Muscle Ups, you’ll end up staring at the bar for most of the workout instead of showing those skills. And of course, perhaps more importantly than anything else, eat up, get rest and HAVE FUN!
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